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June 7, 2021

Meetings and Team Dynamics

Craig and Andy talk about meetings and team dynamics. When there’s so much going on, it’s difficult to gain clarity and be productive and effective. Andy discusses how finding a rhythm for meetings helps to structure the company. It’s still a work in progress. Andy has brief stand-up to longer sit-down and detailed meetings with specific team members. Also, he blocks out time for specific tasks to avoid distractions. However, when unexpected things happen, it can be difficult to get back on track and catch up.



May 31, 2021

Being A Better Manager

Out of office – what will break if or when you are away? Nobody wants to be a micromanager or be told what to do. Craig and Andy talk about how and what they plan to do to be better managers and lead their teams. You know you’re getting older when you want to leave Las Vegas and get back home to sleep and get over a hangover. So, Andy’s back in the office and looking to delegate more for the next time he checks out for a few days to come back and not much needs to be done or fixed. Craig is also looking forward to taking a week off during the summer. But before then, he needs to not get involved in things that don’t need his attention and time. His team will tell him, ‘We got this, go do something else!’



May 24, 2021

Onboarding Updates

Craig and Andy talk about making progress by providing onboarding updates for new employees and customers. Craig discusses improving the onboarding process and sequence for employees, which includes Sam, the new Head of Growth. He will start on Monday and brings senior-level experience generating revenue. As for onboarding customers, Craig has had challenges. Once some people sign up for Castos, they are not engaging or getting started. The problem is figuring out, why? Will live chat from Zendesk and an onboarding checklist from Hopscotch help?



May 17, 2021


Craig and Andy talk about ways to build a community and drive engagement. Are their self-limiting beliefs holding back their businesses and resources from being successful and producing solid results? Things need to change to continue growing. What needs to change? Strategizing sales and marketing or products and services? Andy’s business has reached a revenue plateau. He thinks that products need to evolve and processes need to be polished to make marketing worthwhile. However, keep moving forward even when everything is not perfect.



May 3, 2021

Support vs. Success, and Monitoring Runway

Craig and Andy talk about the big picture of a content strategy for support and success. There’s a fine line between constantly creating content and making it simple for customers to find. It involves analytics, access, and ease of use. Andy’s business is going well. There are ups and downs as always, but progress is being made. However, until some team members return, it takes others a bit longer to diagnose problems and figure out how to fix them. Also, Andy is onboarding Jordan this week as a marketing strategist to do success work and content to educate customers and trial users to combat churn.



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